Signal cables for arduino uno

What kind of cable do you suggest in order to solder the "arduino uno" Digital I/O Pins to another board? Where is it possible to buy it?


There is really no requirement for a special cable. Most electronics suppliers will provide 'hook-up' wire in a range of colours. Typically this is AWG22 size but it can be other guages also. That is all you need. This will come as either a stranded or solid core insulated wire - again either will do.

Cheers ! Geoff

Hi, the problem is that I'm not able to find cables with the same socket of the arduino. For example for the arduino uno I would like to find: 1 cable 6 pins 2 cables 8 pins 1 cable 10 pins male-male in order to plug them into the arduino and solder the other end on the board.

You can buy individual header cables or ribbon cables in various lengths. This site has some pictures of the sort of thing I mean:

You can also buy header connector housings in sizes from 1-pin upwards. It's easy to push the connectors out of a housing and insert them in a new housing to assemble a ribbon cable connector with however many pins you need.

Thank you very much.