Signal Generator+arduino+ finding out the delay between two pulses

I need to provide a pulse input using a signal generator and measure the delay between the two pulses. I am new to arduino and someone warned me about the arduino getting damaged if pulse goes negetive or above 5V. Since I dont have clear idea, I wanted to start with proper guidance. Please help with the programming and connecting the signal generator to arduino.

You need to tell us the make and model of the signal generator so that we can give you the correct information.

A link to the user manual would be useful, but not essential.


Exactly what information do you want? Its a sigma function generator which can generate upto a frequency of 20kHz. I am familiar with function generator but am not aware of what amplitude and frequency of pulse waveform can the arduino withstand.

The voltage on any Arduino pin should never go below Gnd (0V) or above Vcc (5V). Outside that range (weak) clipping diodes become active, which can be protected by a resistor of e.g. 10k in the signal line. But that resistor forms a RC low pass filter, together with the input capacity, which may affect the signal slopes.

A symmetrical signal should have an amplitude of about 5V, and an offset of 2.5V (Vcc/2).
Waveform and frequency can not damage the controller, only the amplitude can do.