signal: illegal instruction on Arduino 101/Genuino 101

Hi all, i've bought a Genuino 101 board and i had some problems. First of all, I have a MacBook Air and i had to update it (It was at 10.6) to 10.7.5 Lion. Then I installed the Arduino software and the Intel boards at the board manager, and selected the proper port: /dev/cu.usbmodem411 But, when I try to upload the "Blink" code to the board, the IDE shows an error-> signal: illegal instruction Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino 101.

What can I do?

Thanks all :)

Hi, can you post the specification of your mac (processor, ram etc)?
Probably the error is due to arduino101-load being compiled for 64bit processor, thus 32bit processors are not supported ATM.
You could try replacing ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/arduino101load executable with the attached file (unzipped) and see if it works (762 KB)

Here are the specifications. Also, I can’t find that file :confused:
Do you think that’s the problem?



The user library folder is hidden in OSX AFAIK. Your OS is 32bit so in fact it needs the binary I sent you. To locate the file to be replaced, here you can find some info on how to access that folder

I found the file and replace it, but still having the same error :/ Maybe is because of the "Programmer"? I have the "ArduinoISP" Programmer, is it the right one? And, if it isn't the problem, what else can I do? Thanks

Okay, never mind. I updated the mac to El Capitan and now it's everything working. Tanks for everything! :)

Fachhim I hope you'll read this...

I have the same problem , illegal instruction.

I downloaded the file you zipped (arduino101load) and replaced the one I had. I found it after a lot of trouble, but the error persists.

Please can you fix this. I dont have the $$ for a new computer, and this one wont go past OS 10.7 Thanks

@laptophead, it looks like the "illegal instruction" is not triggered by 32-vs-64 bit but it's a problem about osx-vs-golang (see here ). In this case, no workaround is possible, I'm sorry. You could replace the arduino101load binary with a bash script resembling the one provided with core 1.0.5 . I'm writing some more detailed instructions in the Toubleshooting thread