Signal Morphor

Signal Morphor

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The city is filled with invisible signals.

They carry different levels of data, messages, and information. Smart phones, laptops, tablet computers and their interconnected networks, mobile and wireless directly influence how urbanity is being interpreted. “Signal Morphor” visualizes the boundless signals, morphing and shaping architectures and the environment. It explores and reveals the way immaterial signals influence the formation and perception of urban life.

This is a kinetic sculpture. All movements are based on the calculation of mechanical engineering. It includes gears, actuators and motors etc. The sculpture also detects signals; a signal detector (for radio frequency (RF) signaling power from 50Mhz to 3GHz with 60dB dynamic range) with microcontroller (Arduino modified) acts as the central processing unit to trigger the whole kinetic movement, as well as the light and sound effects.

When the sculpture detects the active RF signal around, it reacts to phone calling, receiving, SMS/MMS in or out and data transcribing with 3G/bluetooth/wifi. The sculpture doesn’t detect non-active RF.
It starts morphing when it receives, collects and reaches a certain level of signal/information, not interacting with a particular mobile phone but all the signal in the environment. There are three in this exhibition and each of them has different sensitivity to the “information” level.

Light and sound visualizing the current received-strong signal.

Amazing concept - I could detect if my kids use their laptop when they should sleep :slight_smile:

How did you detect the RF ?