Signals Needed to be monitored

I’m getting some signals directly from the drive, some signals are analog signals and some signals are digital signals, now I want to log those signals, My question is Analog signals are in the range of 0.8v to 2.8V , Now if i connect that signal to be monitored to A0 pin of my Arduino, will Arduino give exact value?

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You say "getting some signals directly from the drive" but you have not told us what the "drive" is? Can you post a link to the product datasheet?

The Arduino's ADC would read 0.8v as 1023 / 5 * 0.8 = 163 and it would read 2.8v as 1023 / 5 * 2.8 = 572

For the full details about the ADC you should read the Atmega 328 datasheet (assuming you are using an Uno)


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I'm getting some signals directly from the drive,

What drive?
It only because I repair and install them that I know you mean a Variable Speed Drive, VSD.
What model Arduino.

To answer you question, YES, but the raw data you get from the analogRead will need to be converted to a voltage value.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

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