Silabs RAIL vs TI SimpleLink?

I'm trying to compare Silabs RAIL vs TI SimpleLink. I think they are roughly equivalent, in terms of their purpose (for developers) and their position in the stack. Seeking comparisons, pro's, con's, etc.

Other than RAIL/SimpleLink, i'm interested in differences between developing with these two devices, in general (aside from obvious differences in specs that i can find on the datasheets).

My application is a battery-powered mobile WLAN, around 1 Mbps data-rate.

Specific devices of interest:

CC1352P1F3RGZR Texas Instruments

EFR32FG1P133F256GM48-C0 Silicon Labs

Are you trying to develop a professional product? Then get yourself a development board from each company, download their development tools and start evaluating. Both companies have long experience in this area, they have many application notes and examples. But with the flexibility these products offer comes a price. The tools and examples require more time to get started, which will pay off at the end when you optimize your product.

If you have interesting volumes, call a official distributor and they will help you with the decision process. At the end your purchasing department has a role to play too.

If you just have a hobby project forget them and get yourself a board that is directly supported by Arduino. You have less flexibility, the libraries are simpler, but you can get your board running in no time.