Silent Wave Motor

Hi everyone,

I found a Silent Wave Motor in a broken Nikon kit lens and I was wondering if i can use it in an Arduino project. I searched the web for it but it seems to be zero documentation about this topic. I tried connecting it directly to an 1.5 v battery(and then to an A.C./D.C. wall adapter) and that doesn’t work.

I attached a photo of an Silent Wave Motor exactly like mine as reference.
I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Buzz the connections, see if any pin has continuity with another. Could be a stepper motor with 2 windings.

I tried connecting any 2 pins out of the 3 to the wall adapter and the motor doesn't move, neither does the adapter short circuit.

What are the resistance readings between pins?

Sorry, i don’t have a multimeter to measure the resistance right now(i only got my Arduino yesterday :slight_smile: ). I will try to get one tomorrow (it’s midnight in my country), 'till then i can’t do much about it.

Looks pretty complex to control. Essentially like a stepper, but you inject ultrasonic pulses into it in a specific order.