Silicon Labs Si4010

I've been struggling on trying to get the SiLabs KeyFob Dev Kit to work (Si4010 RxTx/MCU combo).

The datasheets aren't very helpful and the Simplicity studio by SiLabs is even more complicated because it doesn't even support the Si4010 (go figure!).

My question is can you use an Arduino and the Arduino IDE to program these SiLabs chips? I used the Arduino to program a ATTiny85 through the SPI interface, was wondering if it'd be possible to do the same with this Si4010?

Any help would be appreciated. Need to use this chip for a project because of its physical size. Anybody with any experience using this company's products.

Yes you can, SPI will work just fine. Also try looking for Si500 information as well.

Could you give more information on programming Si4010 with using Arduino. I have Arduino UNO. Thanks.