SIM 800 Library

SIM800 or SIM900 library for Arduino

I have a SIM 800L module which I am using to send /receive SMS calls.

I just wanted to know whether there is any library suitable for the SIM800 for arduino. I don't need GPRS functionality . I see mostly the arduino shield library but not sure whether it works with the SIM800 module bought from aliexpress.

Can someone help me in get me a library which can be used for the SIM800 .I have tried a lot but not getting a simple library for the same.

Actual Issue :

I am able to make it work with the AT commands using the Serial3 in the arduino MEGA. But when i started integrating with the existing project of ESP8266 and DS3231 somehow the Serial3 read() is not working properly. I tested with Serial3.readString()/ and all. The CNMI for the SIM800 is 2,3,0,0 which is to direct the incoming message to the Terminal. If my project is having a simple loop with only, then all messages contents are read properly. If I include the other Serial2 readings which is for the ESP8266, then I am not able to read the full messages from Serial3.I have tried with timer to read serial from the Serial3 for 3-5 secs but now way it is working.


Go back through my posts and you will find out how I have implemented a SIM800 based Arduino system - you should be able to find the link to my code. I have implemented my own interface between the Arduino and SIM800 - not using any library.


Catweale NZ