SIM 808 Network Failure

Hello,Block Diagram.pdf (336.4 KB)
I'm attempting to create a project that requires speed, date & time, longitude & latitude to be sent. My thoughts were to use the GPS on the SIM 808 to retrieve that information and its GSM to send said information.
I've tried connecting according to the datasheet and using a reliable SIM card but the module doesn't connect to the network. Attached is a block diagram of how I've connected the components and pictures of the components themselves.
Kindly assist with suggestions or a solution as to how I could make connections that will result in the module registering network. Thank you in advance.

Block Diagram.pdf (336.4 KB)

You may want to post your code.

I haven't gotten to the coding part yet as my reasoning was if it can't connect to the network it will neither get the details I need nor send them

You will not be able to connect to any network unless you have the proper software to drive the hardware.

I haven't worked with them before as such I ain't conversant with them.By proper software do you mean I should code first?If so,are they the AT commands?

It takes more than knowing the AT commands to make your SIM808 work.
Look for libraries supporting your hardware and start playing around with it.

Noted. Thanks for your help.

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