SIM5218 3g HTTP Request

Before I ask my question. Please know that I have read the FAQ and have been trawling the next for 2 days trying to find some direction. I am new to this forum, there is alot of helpful stuff here. I am using a Sim5218e 3g module with an Arduino Uno v2 setup as a gateway. I can input AT commands directly using the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor.

What I am trying to accomplish is to push data from our datalogger to our server.

Short term, in testing our Sim5218e I want to be able to make a simple GET request and see the data in my serial Monitor.

Here is what I am entering in the Serial Monitor to accomplish that:

//Powering on the unit START

+STIN: 25






+CREG: 0,1


OK (AT&T confirms my connection to the APN stored in CID 0)


+CEER: No cause information available


+CHTTPACT: REQUEST (At this point the LED on the shield changes to DATA TRANSMIT mode)

GET /test-get-post.php?counter=1&data=2 HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nContent-Length: 0\r\n\r\n ^z

(Here the shield hangs indefinitely)

I really want to confirm the shield is working using AT commands before writing the program to control its functions.

Any Thought?

Post links to the docs for this module

do you need to send some sort of command to tell the module that your GET command string is complete ?

is that what the control Z does at the end?

It sounds like your module thinks its still being asked to send data and is just waiting for more data to be sent i.e supplied by the Arduino

I’ve not had dealings with this module, but I have used a wifi AT command serial device and it has escape sequences to switch modes

the Wifi modules also have a way to send a buffer of specific length, rather than hopping into transparent mode

You could also try sending a more simple Get

e.g. GET /\r\n\r\n

also check the \r and \n are in the correct order

AaronA did you figure this out?

I am struggling with an HTTP Post.

The \r\n seem correct, and the ctlr+z also seems correct based on my testing.