SIM5320 HTTP Get requests or SIM5216 location requests

Im trying to upload data to my server via a get request. I had this working on sim900, then upgraded to sim5216 to get 3G (it works), thought I'd give the SIM5320 a go as it has GPS built in, but the old at commands don't work with the sim5320. I've been looking through the manual for but can't get the relevant at commands to work. The closest I get is a response "+CHTTPSNOTIFY: PEER CLOSED" which I'm not entirely sure how to resolve.

Has anyone been able to get HTTP Get requests to work on the sim5320?

Alternatively has anyone managed to do basic location requests with the sim5216? My sim900 didn't have GPS but it could determine location based off cell towers (I just need a rough location). I find it strange that the sim5216 can't do the same

Hey Can I see your code so i can see the issue with the http close? I can do some testing on my 5230 as well if you like.


Hi Acitta,
have you managed to get your project working with the SIM5320?
If so, would you be so gentle to post your code?
I'm going to develop a similar project and some examples will shure help me!