SIM5320e Invalid Memory Index

Hey, so I'm brand new to AT commands and I'm trying to get the SIM5320e module to send text messages.

I did successfully get it to send a text message which was a euphoric feeling. And then when i tried to change the content of the text it sent the same message as before - at this point i realized the SMS is being stored in the memory.

I was sending the message using Serial.println("AT+CMGW="+0123456789""), followed by the message I want to send, and sent the message using Serial.println("AT+CMSS=1"). It sent successfully.

I understand the final line means I'm sending the message from the memory index=1.

I wanted to change the message being sent so I went ahead and used the Serial.println("AT+CMGD=1") to delete the index memory. (So I think).

And from there was when the index error occured. So I dug deeper and I ended up using the command to show my memory indexes, and I had no more left. (Presumably I have deleted them as I initially had 1-4).

I now keep getting the memory index error, even reverting back to my original code which worked, and testing all the possible index numbers and changing memory storage preferences. I am assuming I need to get those memory indexes back, but I don't know how! Help would be much appreciated!!

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So you are using a two step option instead of sending the SMS with just AT+CMGS directly, OK.
What is the response of AT+CMGW - ERROR or OK? The OK response will contain the index of the memory location where the message has been saved: +CMGW:
You need to use that index in the AT+CMSS.