SIM7020 module + Arduino to connect and test

Hi there, I'm trying to connect this SIM7020E module{"sku_id"%3A"10000000013001676"}
to an Arduino Mega and could need some advice how to connect it and programming some tests.
I'm in New Zealand and own an IoT Vodafone simcard.
I have read lots but can't understand connections and testing.
Thank you in advance !

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I have not used that specific hardware but similar ones and it all comes down to serial connectivity and AT commands so check out this example, it uses different Arduino and operator but it should not make big difference, also look at this library, it should get you started.

Hi ninora !, thanks for your help. Yes, I had being reading those ones and others...but sincerely I can't find something specific for that board.
I'm trying different setups...using FONA Library examples, now I can read board information, but RSSI shows
RSSI = 99: -115 dBm
Network status "n" shows
---> AT+CREG?
<--- +CREG: 0,0
-> Network status 0: Not registered

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Have you run any code to actually create a connection?

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