SIM800 Replacement

I currently use a SIM800 GSM shield to interface with a Pro micro, all commands are sent and received via SMS message. With GSM slowly disappearing, I am looking at a cheap replacement 4G shield that I could use to send and receive texts only. Currently SIM800 modules are about $3.50, I have been looking at some NB IOT modems, but not yet sure about compatibility and price etc.
Any advice in regards to cheap 3/4 G modems that could be used for SMS messaging only would be appreciated.

I moved from SIM808 to SIM7000A. It will not work with Ting, see this thread: SIM7000A project not registering with Ting – Ting Help Center

I also just want to interface with the SIM7000 + Arduino Nano using SMSs but am having a real hard time. See the last few posts on this thread: Is it possible to include '\n' in SMS-ovef-IP using the Embedded API? - #14 by jwallis - Hologram APIs - Hologram Support Community

Doesn't seem possible with Soracom: SMS & USSD Functionality | SORACOM Developers
The following sending and receiving conditions are not supported:
Sending SMS from an Air SIM to a non-Soracom SIM device (such as a personal smartphone)
Receiving SMS from a non-Soracom SIM device (such as a personal smartphone)

So now I'm looking at Telnyx, twilio, others. I hate this. Apparently NO ONE wants to do this. Please lmk if you find different.