SIM800L error sim card not inserted


I have bought a sim800l module and i’m struggling to get it working , the module response to AT command but it can’t recognize sim card , when I send at+cpin? I get error sim not inserted , i checked
with two sim card working with my phone but i have same result “sim not inserted”

did you go beyond the error?

Same problem, same error. Could you please tell me how do you feed the module? I think that could be the problem. Even though is not getting restarted.

I solved mine by powering of and on the gsm module

I solved this problem by putting in the SIM oriented correctly. When you rotate it 180 deg, it will also go in and click as if inserted correctly. Note that both the module PCB and the metal SIM card holder have a small drawing of the correct SIM orientation.

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I have the same error... did this ever get resolved?