Hello. I can't connect SIM800L EVB version to my Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32 developer kit. I'm using UART 2 connection (SIM800L TX -> ESP32 TX2, SIM800L RX -> ESP32 RX2, GND is same, wiring picture here). I think there is no problem with power supply, I can call to SIM800L, it blinks every 3sec so it's connected to network.

I'm using this code to connect hardware serial with module and TinyGsm library:

HardwareSerial gsmSerial(2);
TinyGsm modem(gsmSerial);

void setup()
 // Set GSM module baud rate
  gsmSerial.begin(115200, SERIAL_8N1, 16, 17, false);

There is no response from SIM800L. Am I doing something wrong, or is EVB version somehow different from "classic" red SIM800l module?
Thank you.

Am I doing something wrong


HardwareSerial gsmSerial(2);

On boards with multiple hardware serial ports, the HarwareSerial class creates instances for every hardware serial port. You should NEVER create a new instance of this class. The HardwareSerial class, for the AVR boards, does not have a one argument constructor, so I can't guess what this is supposed to do.