SIM800L low power state (sleep mode)

Hi guys, since this is my first post ever here's a shout out to all of you. The community is wonderful and I hope to be helping others with their projects some other day. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Anyways, I'm working on a weather station project for a friend and I've completed just about everything. Glad to say the project works flawlessly thanks to you guys.

The phase I'm working on now is getting the machine to use as little power as it can.

It works 26h on a 2600mAh power bank now so I'm trying to reduce as much power as I possibly can.
(also, unfortunately I don't own a ampermeter so there is no other way to measure the power draw for me)

The parts I'm using are: SIM800L as in the picture here,
bmp180 sensor, DHT11 sensor.

I've seen some posts where it says I should use AT+CSCLK=1 command to enter sleep mode, however all those posts say I should set the DTR pin(???) to LOW state to exit the sleep mode.

As you can see on the picture there is no DTR pin, so I'm a bit confused right now as I can enter sleep mode, but cannot exit from it.
This is too bad, as the only functionality I need SIM800L is to check for new messages every couple of minutes and sending the data if it receives a message, so a lot of the power being drawn is just from it I guess.

Also, what you should know is, I've connected my DHT11 sensor and SIM800L to 5V pin of the arduino, and BMP180 to 3V3 pin, as I'm connecting the power bank directly to the arduino, so the follow up question would be: is there any way I can save even more power by disabling these sensor when I'm not using them?

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks !!!

I've also implemented this function for my sleep-delay in hopes I would get the power consumption down, but no luck.

Looks like that board doesn't break out DTR? The chip itself has a ton of pins that aren't exposed on that board.

Just as I feared. :frowning:

Could there be any way I could put the module in sleep mode and then reset it?