SIM800L Possible issue


I have made an Arduino based energy meter, that collects data and transfers it via GPRS to the web server.
It works better then I have expected. :slight_smile:
Now, during test period and continuous measurement, I am having the problem that I will try to describe below.

Every day, the GPRS/GPS modem SIM800L stops sending HTTP POST requests to the web server at about the same time.
If I power off the board, or just the modem, for a second, it connects again and works normally.
I don't experience this issue after this "call it a forced reset" until the next day.

So, is it a "this particular modem problem"?
Or, there is something else I should now about it?
Thank You for Your help !!!

I see it flashes quickly when it works.
But, when it is not working it flashes very slowly.
Is it maybe just a network connection problem?
So, next time it has a network, it will continue to work normally, and no need to power off/on?

Best regards,

This sounds to me like your network operator forces a disconnect once a day and the modem cannot handle that correctly. Have you checked the contract you have with your service provider about long term connectivity?