SIM800L power

Hi guys!

I am working on a project, which includes an Arduino and Sim800L module.

I am having questions about the way of powering things up.

I thought of using a 18650 battery, which can provide sufficient voltage and peak current for SIM800L (3.4V - 4.4V, 2A peak).

I want to charge this battery with USB cable(5V) using this module(TP4056 ).

It says Battery overcurrent protection current: 3A- so does it mean it can output maximum 3A current?

Also, i am using an Arduino Nano which is a 5v opearting voltage module, so this 18650 wouldnt be enough right? :frowning: Can you link me a module with i can use the 18650 to power up the arduino?

Or if you have any better idea for the power supply, could you share it with me?

Safety: overcharge, overdischarge, short-circuit protection is important, and also it must output at least 2A.

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

No idea?