sim800L problems to connecting to the sim network (blinking problem)

Hi, I am trying to connect my sim800l module to the sim network. I am using an Iliiad sim without pin.
I know that with this module there is a big problem with the alimentation because the module needs 2-3 A sometimes. I recently watched a cideo on youtube and the guy used a lipo battery 18650 like the batteries at this link that I purchased: .
I still can't connect to the network (because it should blink every 3 seconds instead of every second) but I don't understand the cause, it could be :

  1. the battery that doesn't supply enough electric current;
  2. the adaptor of the sim that I used (I put a picture down below);
  3. some problems with the module that maybe is defective.

could someone send me a battery or a combination of elmenets that assure me that the energy supply will work 100% or tall me if the battery that I use is not the problem?

Here are some photos:

Those wires look like ultra-thin signal hook-up wires, not suitable for several amps. You need decent connections to the battery, high current wire and to be aware that breadboards are not typically rated for high currents.

Having said that you may get reasonable results with 0.6--0.7mm diameter solid (ie. single-strand) copper wire in breadboards.

so in your opinion I should buy new wires with the head's diameter equals 0.7 mm? or I missunderstood something ?

The important thing is to get solid-core wire of that diameter - premade wires usually have almost no actual copper in the wire and are designed for tiny currents only. 0.7mm diameter copper wire has a resistance of 0.04 ohms/metre and can carry several amps without a problem. And is breadboard compatible for prototyping - just cut and strip and plug and play.

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