Sim800l ram

Does anyone know max string length that can be executed with sim800l.println() command.

I try to send http post request with body with length 3000 like characters, but string is attending not correctly.

Hi, yeah well i had a similar problem, and then i understand that the sim808 only have 1512Bytes of uart buffer, it's mean, when you want to sent a SMS or you have alreade opened a conexion http and now you are going to send information after the Sim808 respond to you ">" after that you only can send 1512bytes or characters, each char use 1byte, so you will be able to send only 1512 char in each conection with the module, when you are sending information the module respond to you the same char than you send confirmating that it has received correctly the info, if you continue sending data and reach 1512bytes the module will respond to you ERROR, a soon as that happened the module stop working and you have to send all the AT comands to reestart the conection again. I discover this doing a test sending diferent amount of thata and when i send 1490 bytes everything was perfect but when i try to send 1530 i received error, so i adapt my program to send 1000bytes each conection, i prefer keep margin