SIM800L recognize SIM but QSQ = 0,0 - PLEASE HELP

Hello there!

I connected my SIM 800L modul with my Arduino UNO (SoftwareSerial etc.), AT Commands work. I can read for example phonebook entries form the inserted SIM card. But it will not connect to any network.
AT+CSQ ->CSQ = 0,0 but if the SIM ist not inserted QSQ is between 15 and 25.
Can somebody help me? I didnt’t find anything on google.

I use this gsm module:

Tank you guys!

(I understand answers in german too)

gsm_at.ino (917 Bytes)

I have no experience with SIM800L but only with SIM900. Both are controlled with At commands. Maybe there are some specific AT commands for SIM800L and SIM900, but connecting to a GSM network is a standard task and should be the same commands.

To work with SIM900 there are libraries available which should be usable also for SIM800L. Google will find such code.

does Germany still supports 2G ?