sim800L ...

Hi guys
I have problem with the sim800l module l,it won’t connect to network.
-module has a separate 3.7 lipo battery (common gnd to Arduino)
-signal I get 20
-at+cpin ready
Cops 1
Creg 0,2
Did the manual input to 1 but unit flashes 1 per sec, looking for Network, have enough power on it (3,7 840 mAh) also tested with a 12v battery with a step down


won't connect to network.

Possibly better worded as "won't connect to 2G network". Is your network 2G?

Can you read the RSSI and Net Status to the serial monitor?

-jim lee

What at commands are they?
The sim can work in 2g, others have managed to make it work with the same provider.

Thanks for the help

At+csq 20,0


The module won't connect to network
Has 3.7 lipo battery with common gnd

The led is flashing fast
I have soldered also a bigger capacitor to it, stock is 100uf should be 300 it's now 1000.
What can I do to connect it to network?

Is the SIM card properly inserted?

Yes,I have bought another module from unv that comes better than the Chinese,now it blinks 3 times, ring stays on and after 15/20 sec it resets

after 15/20 sec it resets

have enough power on it (3,7 840 mAh)

You need a supply with 2A surge current. This reference recommends a 1200mAh li-po battery.

Is the SIM card properly inserted?

sim was unlocked before?