SIM808 on Windows 10

Hello I am new and I hope this is the right spot for this. I have this SIM808 I had purchased over a year ago for a project that ended up not going anywhere. At the time I was on windows 7 and was able to get it set up ok. I tested it and was able to run some AT commands. I just found another use for it and I have completely dumped everything I learned about it. I am on the same laptop but upgraded to windows 10. I am connecting it VIAcp2102 usb ttl v4.2 connector. Window does not recognize it now, and before I spend hours googling tis thing I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. THank you everyone.

Hi @quarinteen!
In general, it’s a lot easier to get help if you just post a little more info. That way ppl can know what to help you with :slight_smile:

That said - I use SIM-modules with Windows 10 all the time and there shouldn’t be an issue. That said - SIMCOM only provides the raw module - not a breakout board (such as this) that you are likely using.

My first question is then - is the CP2102 on a breakout board, or are you talking directly to a SIM808 module (not on a PCB) using a CP2102 dongle?

There are some general advice for CP210X here that might help you out in the mean time

The CP 2102 is a separate physical device. Here is what I have. Sorry about that I didnt think about the chip being an individual component.

SIM8098 board

This is the connector