Sim900 communication problem RX TX

Hej guys, I've a problem with my SIM900 module. After setting a fixed baudrate (19200) it is not more possible to send data to the shield. I can see all messages from it clearly and without crap. Is there anybody with some help for me? There is no response to any "AT" or something else.

The issues can be reported on SoftwareSerial and Hardware Serial (Arduino Mega).

Regards, Bastian.

Hi, just look here, we just fixed it: Maybe this Library also works for you fine.

I'm actually trying to connect with the MultiSerialMega example and the SoftwareSerial example. So I got no library in use. I changed the connection cables and the serial ports but nothing helps.

Ok, then I can't help you, but I advise you to try out the above Library.

If I can not send data to the shield the library works neither. By the way, at least I tried it. So any other hints to solve the problem?