SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield Board Quad-Band Kit For Arduino

Hello I recently bought this gsm shield for arduino but when I run the examples from gsm library my gsm not correspoding Also I have put the jumpers for hardware switch for enable gprs shield.. What is wrong ?.

The examples provided with the IDE are intended for use with the official Arduino GSM/GPRS shield which uses a Quectel M10, not a SIM900. Some may work if you edit the files to suit your shield I/O.

Could you provide a link to the shield you bought?

Yes I buy this

And i think the document is

Try the link in my signature. It's a very similar shield to the one you have.

I want to use for the fist Time without Solder the pins for enbale SoftwareSerial..How I can refer to Tx,Rx Hardware Arduino??

The only soldering involved is if you want to turn the shield on / off by software. There is no soldering necessary to use it. Put the jumpers on the D7/D8 side, use

SoftwareSerial GPRS(7,8);

(Where GPRS is the name of your SoftwareSerial instance) in your code.

Have you read the page in my signature? It tells you how to configure and test it.

And if you wish to use hardware serial (D0/D1) you cannot use SerialMonitor as it uses those pins too.

ok I try that but no Respone.Led status is Stay on an the NetLink Status blink ..No answer from CHip

Ok I had the Jumpers in wrong position. Now the shiled Show me in the serial Monitor When i press the pwr Button"NORMAL POWER DOWN"

That's because it was on when you pressed the power button. Press it again (~2 seconds) to start it up again.

Ok now the status led is steady and network led blinks ..When i send command via Serial monitor No response from Sim900

OK IT works at least I haven't set in the serial monitor NL & NR .Now i send AT and answer OK

Congratulations! Now you know it works you can either learn how to use AT commands, or find a library for the SIM900.