sim900 gsm module +arduino+tft touchscreen module

I would need some help on making a multifunctional smart gauntlet(a wide bracelet).

I have a gsm module, tft 2.8" touchscreen module from adafruit, arduino(obviously), and a couple of sensors. I need a way to make the touch screen interface with the gsm module to send some SMS or call. I saw adafruit's tutorial but they want you to use fona(their gsm module) with fona commands.

The concept is similar to adafruit's but I would like an arduino phone with various different options for example if you want to call you would need to press on the phone icon, to see the temperature you need to tap the thermometer icon and so on...(like this) Any help with wiring and code pls?

Thanks a lot guys.

The best tip I can think of is give it a try on your own, see what doesn't work, and if you can't figure things out, google it, and if google doesn't have the answer, make another post detailing your exact problems.

Don't be afraid to fail! You will eventually get it to work (if you stick to it long enough),

ok thanks anyway!!