SIM900 Power Supply

Hello everybody!

I'm using this GPRS module,

I've been trying to power it up with a standard 5V 2.4A power bank with no success at the time the module tries to connect to the 2G net. However, with a 9V battery it works perfectly so i'm guessing the trouble here is the intensity limiter.

Do I have to connect two parallel power banks to make it work or is there any "wireless" power bank in the market I can use with a reasonable price?

Which advice can you give me guys?
Thanks so much for your attention, any answer is welcome.


Have you measured your 5V power bank with a multimeter?

From the details listed on amazon it says it needs 4.8V to 5.0V so maybe your power bank is slightly outside of that? I wasn't able to read the datasheet as it was a .rar file.

Also here is a link to the product in English: