SIM900 problem sending variables to a php page

Hi all!
i'm quite new to this world and i have a problem sending some variables to a php page using a gprs shield like SIM900. Sorry for my english ahah
So, i take some data from sensors plugged on my Arduino uno and i have to send them to a php page with POST method i suppose. i search a lot on web but i didn't find anything like my problem. i don't know where to start, please, i need help! i also found some part of code, but are useless.
Can someone help me to solving this problem?
i'll appreciate all the advice!
Thanks a lot!

Add the parameters to the URL and use GET in your php script?

sorry, can you explain me your idea?

Build up the url containing the variable name and value:

And in your php script:


Correct me if i'm wrong. I want to do the reverse thing. i want to post my data to a page that will comunicate with a Database(the db it's ready for use). i just have to open a communication with the SIM900 and send some variables.
Explain me where i'm wrong please.

That is exactly what that is doing. You submit the data to the website by appending it to the URL, then extract the data and write it to your database, along the lines of:


Mhh okay, i'm beginning to understand! do you have an example?