Sim900 & xively

Hello guys

I have a problem, I'm new to Arduino and I'm totally a beginner.
I bought a SIM900 Quad-band GSM / GPRS Shield for Arduino ( and I have two problems.
(I use the test code that is found in the library)

the device does not read every message, but only a few. one read and then 3 does not, then 2 read and then 4 do not read .....

I do not know how to connect to xively, no examples.
I know how to connect and send data via an ethernet shield, but with SIM900 Quad-band GSM / GPRS Shield do not know how.

please help, the second issue was very important to solve it.

I typed 'SIM900 Xively' into Google and got over 4000 hits, and I can see the word 'Example' on the first page although I've not opened the link.

thanks, but this is not a very helpful answer.

Of course I googled, but I have not found the answer to my question. That's why I asked the question here.

Everywhere they all have problems connecting to sim900 Xively, and nowhere is there an example that is successful.

I download the library from Loading... and fix the first problem with sms.

but I do not find a solution to the second problem, and I can not find a simple example to send data to xively.

So if anyone can help I would be grateful



Clearly not. So, quit bumping this thread, and be the first.