SIM900D ATC Code Using Arduino MEGA 2560

pa help nman po s code,

nid nmin mabasa ung message n sinesend namin sa SIM900D module,
Gamit nming arduino ay Mega2560,

kailangang lumitaw sa Serial Monitor ung message ng sinend namin sa SIM900D module...

tnx po.

Sorry, but I don't recognise your language. Is there a forum in the International section for it?

Hi! I am working with a Gizduino with GSM module which will act as an SMS controller of appliances. The user will text ON/OFF or may inquire about the switching state of the appliance being controlled. My problems are:

  1. I don't know how to interface AT commands with Arduino.

  2. I'm not sure if the GSM module gets the text message being sent, because when I tried to text ON, there was no output in the serial monitor.

  3. Serial.print("AT") - does this really make the GSM module respond? Or is it just a mere text output?

Somebody help me please... I wanna graduate already! T-T

You should start your own thread.

  1. It depends on how your gsm module is attached to your GSM module, and which GSM module it is.

  2. See 1.

  3. See 1.

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