SIMAVR: Output lines shortened? - How to get the complete line?


For testing a program I am using simavr (linux). Running this program on the real iron (Inhaos MEGA 2560 Core / ATmega2560 based) I get this via the serial monitor:

PORTE: 0xb00000000        0x0000
DDRE: 0xb00000000        0x0000
PINE: 0xb00000000        0x0001

Via simavr it looks like (terminal printout):

PORTE: 0xb00000000        0x0000..
DDRE: 0xb00000000        0x0000..
PINE: 0xb00000000        0x0000..

The output lines are crippled...

How can I get the complete lines?

Cheers mcc

Don't you think you should post the code that produced these lines?

The output lines are crippled...

Based on what evidence?