Simcom Sim5320a and Arduino

Hey everyone! Just a project question

I have a sim5320a from Simcom, and would like to connect it to my Arduino uno to run 3g and GPS on it.
I am currently working on trying to wire the mechanism, and have come up with the following schematic. I just wasn't sure if anyone had worked with this unit before, and could maybe give me some guidance. I'm not completely sure if this schematic will work in giving me the connections to the arduino I need (while also, of course, connecting to a sim card holder)

Thoughts? Any questions about what parts of the schematic mean? There's a lot of pins, and posting what each one is would take a while!

Also, I cannot use a shield for this project. I need it to be as absolutely small as possible!

Hi dracorex...did you ever get this working? if so could you share how you got it to work????