(SimHub Renault Dash) I need help to get it to work with arduino im new to it.

Hi so i have a renault car dash before the year 2000 that means it does not use CAN and i would like to control the rpm and speed and i already know the pins my problem is that unlike the BMW E36 Cluster that uses PWM as input the Renault dash has always 12V in RPM output and everytime i short it to ground mutiple times very fast the gauges go up.

Is there any way i can connect it to Arduino Uno?

also there is just one common Ground for the dash so the only way is really somehow connect the rpm pin to ground very fast multiple times.

If i get your help i can send some photos or videos and i i will send the project to SimHub so there is more possiblities

On this Link you can see the pinout and like i said my dash is older so is defnetly not a CAN dash

Btw sorry for my english is not my first or 2nd language :smiley: