Simon Says sound in background

Hello, for my first project i followed this guide to make a simon says game for a gift.

Everything works fine and i can play but there is this very annoying background sound from the piezuo all the time.

I have done some troubleshooting.The wires are all correct and i can also hear the button/LED sounds. The problem is only the background sound.

My guess is that i use the wrong piezo, because in my set was only a piezo speaker(in the tutorial i need piezo buzzer).

Okay maybe i should buy a buzzer and everything works fine?

Thank u very much.

Can you post your code and your circuit diagram (can't find this on the linked page, just some Fritzy spaghetti images) including actual part numbers you use. Without this, no clue of what's going on.

i created a circuit diagram:

I couldnt write the code in the comment so i uploaded it sorry.

Hope u have all information now. I have no idea what the sound is. Btw i just changed the pins for LEDs, buttons and the piezo-speaker.

Thank u very much.

vielleicht_jetzt.ino (15.5 KB)

In the article they call it a buzzer (wrong), but they use a speaker (that looks like a buzzer).

If you have used an active buzzer, then you will have the annoying sound in between, and the tones are not clean.

Use the same passive speaker as in the article, or use a flat piezo disk as you have shown on the Fritzing in post#2. Leo..

Ah ok.So i was not that wrong. I will buy a piezo-speaker and report if its work.


jugin2509: I will buy a piezo-speaker and report if its work.

A bare piezo disk, as found in musical gift cards, will also work. Leo..