Simpe torque and agnle sensor

Hi I am a beginner in arduino and I am trying to build a simple torque and angle sensor. I found a nice angle sensor "" but cant find an easy solution for torque measurement.

any ideas???


Torque is a measure of force applied at a distance from an axis. If you know the distance (length of a pedal crank, for instance) you just need a force sensor (a.k.a load sensor or load cell). The hard part is that almost by definition the force is being applied in some sort of circle so everything is spinning!

You might also be able to measure the results of torque (acceleration, for example) and use that to back-calculate torque.

Good luck!

If you are using a DC motor and have a copy of its characteristic curves, you can estimate torque with fair accuracy from current consumption. Ciao, Lenny

There is a world of difference between measuring stationary torque (relatively easy)
and dynamic torque (torque on a shaft that is rotating) - which usually requires remote
wireless sensing.

Modern pedelec bikes have a torque sensor instead of a simple rpm-sensor. Maybe you can source a TMM4 from tranzX or something similar.

But from practice I can tell, that there could occur some problems with all those 1st-generation torque sensors over time. (Recalibration is a daily routine)

Thanks for your replies.

Sorry for not mentioning this. We want to measure static torque. We will probably follow the "johnwasser's" solution. We are looking for a simple and cheap solution at this time so the sensors that are already on the market like those "o-lampe" suggested are not an option.

thank you all for your time