ٍSimple arduino board!

I am trying to make a simple/smaller arduino i read Some articles on internet, but i want to make it more simple is that possible to run it like this i will upload the code on arduino uno bourd then remove the atmega to that board but i am not sure if i need a resistor between 6 and 12 leg ?! anyway i will not use jolly thief circuit i am using 3 tiny batterys 4.5

It doesn't get much simpler than an Atmega 328 running on its internal 8MHz oscillator. I have used this tutorial.


Hi, If you are going to use a crystal, you will need to fit two ceramic capacitors to go with it, I'd advise a bypass capacitor as well.

Look up bareduino.

Tom.... :)

i read this article before and i don't know why i didn't notice this

f you don't have the extra 16 MHz crystal and 18-22 picofarad capacitors used in the above examples, you can configure the ATmega328 to use its internal 8 MHz RC oscillator as a clock source instead. (You don't really need the 10K pullup resistor on the reset pin either, so we remove it to get a truly minimal configuration

Thanks allot @Robin2 that's exactly what i want

@TomGeorge or i can use resonator like this article there is other article without ceramic capacitors so depending on this article my sketch must work ! "look here"

Hi, the second circuit with the crystal mounted on the protoboard will probably work due to the capacitance between the parallel conductors in the protoboard. It is usual practice and recommended by atmel to use the caps to ensure that the oscillator starts reliably, not all crystals are exactly the same.

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ensure that the oscillator starts reliably, not all crystals are exactly the same

yup i notice that after testing, i think i will use internal 8MHz oscillator, that's best idea Thanks Tom ;)