Simple Arduino Debugging tool

Dear Arduino Fans,

I've made a debugging tool for Arduino. This Windows applicaiton called RM Classic.
This tools access addresses via serial communication.
You can read or write variables value in Arduino and also record data, get dump data, change data type.

I've enjoyed using Arduino. Arduino makes it easy for me to realize my idea, but software debbuging is a little bit harder for me.
Arduino IDE support Printf Debug. It is very simple way, but less information.
I made arduino library and application which is based on serial communication. It is like watch windows in JTAG debugger.
These app and library have been published at github.

Link to code on github: GitHub - NaoNaoMe/RM-Classic: RM Classic run-time debugging and variables monitoring for microcontrollers

Thank you for your kind interest in RM Classic; your feedback is welcome.
I hope this tools will be of some help building your sketch.


Thank you for reading my post.

I've been working on some improvements to RM Classic.
I wrote the Readme more about how to use it and uploaded tutorial videos to youtube.
I created following these videos how to use RM Classic.
Tutorial 01: How to use RM Classic with the Arduino.
Tutorial 02: Wireless monitoring with ESP8266.

Thanks to the community for using RM Classic.

If you have any issues, let me know.
Please enjoy!

This sounds interesting but I have two main complaints:

  1. Video is a very poor support for courses .
  • You can not quickly read what you already know and that makes you lose time.
  • You can not easily go back to what you have difficulties to understand.
  • You can't annotate
  • Your video can be used only by a minority who understands enough spoken English. Lots of people can understand writen English but there are much less able to understand spoken English. A text document or pdf would be much more effective and you would have more users. It's true that written document requires more work than video.
  1. And, as usual, Mac and Linux users are ignored.
    Now there are solutions for cross-compiling.

Hi 68tjs, and thank you for your advices.

Certainly, these videos only show how it works, but don't show what it is.
I should write down more about what I made.

I was concerned that RM Classic doesn't support Linux and Mac.
I intend to understand that we should have an equal occasion on any platform.
Arduino IDE is a cross-platform application, but I could only build a Windows version.
However, I think there were many such tools in the past, but nowadays, I've found only one tool.

Did anyone know about like what I made?

Hi all.

I released RM Classic Cross-Platform edtition.
RM Classic written in C#, so I choose using Mono with Gtk# for cross-platform.
I built cross-platform edition on Xamarin Studio Community Edition.

The main task of converting is that changing user-interface from Windows.Forms datagridviw to Gtk# TreeView.
However, TreeView is not just equal datagridview. Some functions is temporally disabled because of such differences.

Anyway, major fucntions work and I could provide this tool for almost all people.
I’ll continue to write documents and work for improvement.

Thanks for your attention.

If I am using Linux what do I need in order to use your Cross-Platform version - the Readme on your link does not explain how to install it.

IMHO the JVM is a better system for cross-platform compatibility.


Hi, Robin2.

Sorry for the inconvinience about my poor documents.

To build this app, linux users use monodevelop.
How to install monodevelop, please refer to this page.

I’ve used c# for cross-platform, but I don’t have any fixed ideas about programing language.
So, I’m still wondering if which programing language is better for cross-platform.
Thank you for your advice, I think about using java for cross-platform.


To build this app, linux users use monodevelop.
How to install monodevelop, please refer to this page.

Thanks. But I don't consider "building" an app to be cross-platform.

In my little universe it is cross-platform if I download a program (maybe extract a ZIP file) and double-click and it works. Something simple enough that Aunt Beatrice or Uncle Cedric could do it.


Sorry for having troubled you. I guess you're right.
Nobody wants to install the IDE, when they just try apps.

So, I released an executable file on GitHub.
It is much easier than installing the IDE, but it's still need mono-runtime.
When you run this app on mac or linux, type "mono RM-Classic-CP.exe" on terminal.