Simple Arduino Foot controller

I'm making a little 8 switch controller. I want it to output keyboard commands, and it will have a switch to toggle between two different output banks.

It looked like the 32u4 boards were the best for this purpose. This was the board I was looking at.

I'm almost a complete newbie, and I'm not sure what kind of little white pinout board I'll need to hook into it. Also, is there specific gauge wire that I want to get to wire this up with as well? For switches, I ripped apart a mechanical keyboard.

Is there a better board for this purpose? Do I need the extra board or should I just solder into the holes?

Lots of questions, hope they're simple and thanks for the help.

and I’m not sure what kind of little white pinout board I’ll need to hook into it.

I think you mean solderless bread board. If this is a permanent project I would advise against it and would suggest you solder it all up on strip board. That includes soldering to that board. I use 26SWG wire but there is nothing carrying any significant current so use what you like.

I’m almost a complete newbie, and I’m not sure …

Lots of questions, hope they’re simple and thanks for the help.

Well, I have an ever-growing list of YouTube Arduino videos aimed at beginners which have examples of many things to do with the Arduino. Have a look and see if any of it is useful to you. URL in the footer of this post. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Why does that link look like a subversive auto-subscribe link :-X

^ huh?

Its a link to an Adafruit product.


You could use an Arduino Pro-Micro clone from eBay (roughly $3.00 USD)..

*disclaimer: there is no USB connector on it.. you'll need some sort of 'FTDI USB programmer'

The wires gauge shouldnt matter.

For the 'keys' portion though....

what mechanical keyboard are you using? (pics?)

How is it set up?

I'm not quite sure this is what you want/are after?

*are you expecting the keys on the keyboard to represent anything (like the print on the key itself?)

I believe most keyboards are set up in some sort of matrix wiring...

I would forgo the mechanical keyboard until last.. and wire in some individual switches to get to testing/coding..

then work on getting your 'input' from another source is you desire.