Simple Arduino Uno house door bell

Hi Everyone,

newbie here, was wondering if anyone can guide me to a tutorial detailed enough for a newbie to build a house door bell, a simple one that plays a WAV file or similar using something like the "Music & sound add-on pack for Arduino - v1.1" and an Arduino Uno, it would basically receive input when someone rings the doorbell, it would have a battery so i wouldn't need to mess with 220V as a beginner.

Thanks for your time reading this, appreciate your feedback.

p.s.: if you could also recommend a track that would sound cool as a doorbell that would be awesome.. open to suggestions.

It's hard to believe that you won't be able to find anything like it on Google.

That said, I'm sure there are simpler ways to accomplish this than using an Arduino.

I'm sure there are simpler ways but I'd love to tinker with my Arduino and have something i could use and be proud of, cheers :slight_smile:

Edit: also the stuff i found on google were either too technical or had cameras and sensors and stuff that is a bit too advanced for me currently.

Basically you need a push button (aka "door bell"). Wired between a digital pin and GND.

Secondly you need to play the tune. I'm sure you can find libraries for your specific player.

Then all you have to do code wise:

setup() {
  // set up MP3 player

  if (digitalRead(DOORBELL_PIN) == LOW) {
    // have MP3 player start playing the song, if not playing yet.

That's pretty much all there is to it.