simple audio input for arduino

I am in grade 10 electronics and have some experiance with arduino. I am trying to make an equilizer that resembles this LED Arduino Music Visualizer - YouTube (skip to about 1 min) but i cannot get any audio input readings. When i try to get readings with a mic i get 358 and it doesnt move or it shorts and hits 1023 which is max. I am trying to get a rate between 0 and 1023 that goes up with the loudness of the sound. PLS HELP.

That is pretty cool looking, ive made a single row / double row of 12 leds's for a volume level.
First place i would check is the code, maybe try and ask the person in that video or others like it for their code.
Double check your resistors that their the right value, a quick check is by just visually checking color values.
The only issue I had is that mine would get stuck at a level like half way up(and halfway up would stay light up even with volume down or stereo of even a reset would not fix, I had to disconnect power), or if i maxed it out, it would get stuck their also, I fixed that, with a resistor across the +/- input. but again i was only using 1 or 2 rows of leds, When I did make another row, and used a crossover from a speaker box so i had a 2 rows lows and mids, and if i had enough parts, i could have used the Highs as another row aswell, but that only gives 3 rows.
For yours Im not sure I would suggest you post your code, and someone may notice something, a simple extra space somewhere, or a wrong value can still compile, but give strange results. Hope this helps some or at least gets you thinking?
Good luck.

I’m still having issues but can u send me your schematic and code PLEASE Id really appreciate it

I'm still having issues but can u send me your schematic and code PLEASE Id really appreciate it


I'm no expert on the topic, but I think you could use Arduino Forum as a start.
On the blog refered to there: Holding Focus: November 2010 you can find the schematics and source.

Good luck with your project!

Regards Dennis