simple but trying no make tiny.

So making the trickle down Christmas icicles out of leds inside tubing with a simple attiny85 inside each tube so only have to provide led voltage to each tube. I'm wanting to emulate the code through a nano atm as i don't have my attiny's yet so what I want to do is keep the pin assignments generic so I only have to change the pin names once at the top once I receive my chips. this is the code I have atm. What I want to do is run that like idk like 2-99 times then run another simple code like acceding and descending down the string(the leds share a common ground all programmable pins on the tiny are outputs) . How do I code the x amount of runs for each program small enough to fit on the tiny for each "icicle"? int led1 = 1; int led2 = 2; int led3 = 3; int led4 = 4; int led5 = 5;

int timer = 500;

void setup(){ pinMode(led1, OUTPUT); pinMode(led2, OUTPUT); pinMode(led3, OUTPUT); pinMode(led4, OUTPUT); pinMode(led5, OUTPUT);


void loop() { digitalWrite(led1,HIGH); delay(timer); digitalWrite(led2,HIGH); delay(timer); digitalWrite(led3,HIGH); digitalWrite(led1,LOW); delay(timer); digitalWrite(led4,HIGH); digitalWrite(led2,LOW); delay(timer); digitalWrite(led5,HIGH); digitalWrite(led3,LOW); delay(timer); digitalWrite(led4,LOW); digitalWrite(led5,LOW); }

Just compile for the tiny ? Does it tell you how much space is used?

Compiling for an Uno, you're current code is around 1300 bytes; the tiny has 8k so you have some space to expand ;)

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