Simple Counter sketch

Hey. I was just wondering how i could make it that for example everytime i press a button the count of hits on the button would be displayed (in serial console not on an LCD). Could somebody help me with this please?

Sincerely, ~Fab

Have you tried anything yourself ?

See the StateChangeDetection example in the IDE to see how to detect when a button [u]becomes[/u] pressed rather than when it [u]is[/u] pressed. Increment a variable when that happens and Serial.print() it

lol i didnt understand one sentence xd sry im kinda new to arduino

Here's an example the change of state thinking UKHeliBob is talking about:

const int pinSwitch = 2;

unsigned long
void setup() 
    pinMode( pinSwitch, INPUT_PULLUP );
    lastSwitch = digitalRead( pinSwitch );
    switchCount = 0;


void loop() 
    //read the switch pin...
    currSwitch = digitalRead( pinSwitch );
    //wait 20mS and read it again
    //if it's the same we assume no bounce...
    if( digitalRead( pinSwitch ) == currSwitch )
        //if the switch is low now but was high then we
        //sensed a keypress
        if( currSwitch == LOW && currSwitch != lastSwitch )
            //bump the count and show it
            Serial.print( "Switch count: " ); Serial.println( switchCount );
        //save this valid state as the last
        lastSwitch = currSwitch;


This simple code debounces the switch to avoid counting the bounces of a mechanical switch as keypresses. It uses delay() to do this. For simple examples like this, delay() is fine for a proof of concept. For more complex code you'll want to avoid it and use other forms of timing so you don't lock the processor into doing one thing for large periods of time.

Okay. Thank you <3
im gonna look over it.

Rather than follow Black Fin's example as your solution, try the tutorials.

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