Simple data raw into arduino memory

Hi to everyone, i'm making an antitefth, alarm (sorry this is google translation) and i need to store in memory events occured in easiest way so i can read these events in a future. Possibile ways could be to store data into usb but i think it is not really easiest way. Best could be store data into arduino.

Thanks to everyone

How much data? For how long? Persistent in the event of a power down or not?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I hope no mach tefth will enter in my house :wink: so i think no much data.
longer possible and possible also from shutdown and restart

EEPROM could be used to store up to 512 bytes of data. If all you are storing is when an event occurred, you could store 100 events (month, day, year, hour, minute) in EEPROM. They data would persist in the event of a reset or total power loss.

Hopefully, your place won't get broken into that often.