Simple deltabot


I would like to show you my project based on arduino uno. It is small model of parallel robot with three degrees of freedom. This construction can be called “Tripod” or “Delta” and has got three arms offset from each other by an angle of 120 degrees.

I used very cheap servo motors TowerPro SG-5010 and without load the platform moves properly.

On control board we have got power section, two power supplies (1 for servos, 1 for electronics), connection module, protection module for servos, usb module which provides communication with pc and operating panel with potentiometers and small keyboard.

I had a lots of fun using arduino to this project. Cheers.

Several images on dropbox [Dropbox - Error]

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer :slight_smile:

How are you dealing with the kinematic equations? Just using float?

I applied my own algorithm to control. I don’t use inverse kinematics. This is my first construction of deltabot and I still studying how to control that construction. :slight_smile: