Simple Dual 20x4 Serial LCD Setup?

Hey fellas,

I just received two of my new 20x4 LCD displays. They are both the one listed here:

They can run TTL Serial, i2C, and SPI. I am wondering what the best method for controlling two of these with a single Arduino would be. I made some attempts at running them both off of i2C but I am very inexperienced with this new fangled 1-or-2-pin communication stuff. (I've scoured the internet but haven't found any definitive answer for running two of these particular displays.)

I have an Arduino Mega 2560.

Thank you so much for the help!


Derp, solved my own problem. Wouldn't you know it, the Mega has multiple serial ports. Just used Serial1.etc and Serial2.etc and I now have both displays running perfectly.

Thanks anyways guys! :sweat_smile:

You should be able to run both on the I2C as long as you can give them different device addresses. If the address is hard coded then there is no way on the same I2C pins.