Simple ESP8266 WIFI setup question , I think

I want to broadcast an SSID that includes the last three digits of the hard coded IP address. Both the IP address and ssid require formats of the library ESP8266WiFi.h. I don't really understand the formats but here is how I have them coded and it works very well.

IPAddress ip(192, 168, 1, 117); ....... ....... WiFi.softAP("local_ssid");

So how can I concatenate the '117' of the ip to the "local_ssid" definition?. This must happen in the Setup section of my sketch.

Not sure if the following helps, but by experimenting I found that the IPAddress can be defined as follows:

int last3ip=117; IPAddress ip(192, 168, 1, last3ip);

Likewise the WiFi.softAP can be defined as follows:

char local_ssid[]="local ssid"; WiFi.softAP(local_ssid);

So a simple solution (to my simple mind) is to somehow concatenate the int above to the char def above.

Anyone have a suggested solution?

Thank you, Frank




Thanks, but looking at the link I don't see any mention of concatenating an int into a char buffer. It looks like it concatenates char into strings, but not an int.

Am I missing something?


I found a solution.

Using sprintf() I was able to append the int last3ip onto the end of local_ssid buffer.