Simple Filters - Help

Can anyone suggest some simple audio filter circuits they have tried with Arduino that give reasonable results ?

I am thinking of experimenting with vactorals and also the MAX switched capacitor ICs but am really stuck for time at the moment so if anyone can suggest something tried and tested with easily available components I would be delighted to hear about it.

Duane B

Not something I have done personally. However I had this bookmarked: Arduino Moog self resonant VCF which might be a place to start?

Thanks for the link, inside was a link to this site -

Its software based and going to take a long time to dig through but looks very interesting.

Still interested in finding simple hardware options as well if anyone has come.


Duane B

You could take a look at the Rocket 8 synth's filters and see where you get to copying those...

When I finally get around to buying a scope and doing some analog stuff I was considering getting some SSM2044 VCF chips to play with and see what happens. Probably not the best IC choice in the world as far as long-term availability goes, but the circuits look simple enough and one or two won't break the bank :slight_smile:

My biggest problem is time, there just isn't enough to get through the projects I want or to learn the technologies - never mind get to play with them.

Duane B

I know that feel :frowning: Work is running me ragged at the moment so while I have just about enough time to read about stuff, I rarely get a decent amount of time to break out the breadboards. I've had a sampler/drum machine project "on the cards" for about 6 months now and have done precisely dick, as far as building something goes!! I have more project ideas than viable lifespan left, I think :stuck_out_tongue: