Simple Fitbit project in Boston

I am working on a prototoype that gets motion data from an arduino (Accelerometer + BLE). If there is anyone in Boston that has expertise in this, please message me.

I"m using these:

If you have done something similar, even if it is a different arduino, please contact me.


I have working experience in both BLE and IMUs although not using those modules. They are very expensive for what you are doing.

If you give me more information about what it is you are trying to do with them then I can offer advice.

Cheers Pete.

I worked in one project where we worked with Accelerometers, but with other RF standard (ZigBee/2.4GHz). Also, we worked with other platform different from Arduino. Also I'm very far from Boston, but if you don't find anyone closer, please contact me.

Good luck for your project.

Best regards,